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You Need an Interior Painting Contractor Like Us to Keep You Updated with the Latest Painting Trends

Since 2014 is almost over, we can now sum up that it was definitely a year of vintage interior designs – from furniture to paint coatings, it was all about achieving the rustic look. But will that tendency keep going in 2015? Read this post and learn what a reputable residential painter has to say about the upcoming trends!

  • Accent ceilings. If accent walls were a real hit this year, this tendency would rather move to the ceilings next year. Designers have started experimenting by adding more vivid colors to residential ceilings to increase the contrast with the walls. Graffiti gray and dark purple will no longer be a taboo when it comes to ceiling painting, exactly the opposite – dark colors will be much more preferred.

  • Polka dots. The comic influenced look has entered our closet recently, so it comes as no surprise that it is predicted to enter our home decor as well. Of course, a room in which every wall is decorated with polka dots can feel a bit claustrophobic, but if your interior painting contractor only adds them as an accent to a single wall, this will definitely make a room look more cozy.

  • Murals/Wall stickers. Traditional paintings and art, so far were used to decorate plain white walls, but now they will be substituted by more artistic alternatives. Mural drawing is gaining popularity in the US, and the affordability of these services will increase the demand for it even more. If wall stickers and murals were mainly requested from customers seeking an exterior painting contractor to paint a game or kid’s room, in 2015 homeowners will require more elaborate drawings for their living room spaces.

For more tips about the upcoming trends in the home painting industry, you can always contact the interior residential painting contractor – A & E Painting Inc. We are a team of young and skillful professionals who are determined to reach 100% customer satisfaction in every job we do. In order to book a consultation with one of our specialists in Medford, MA or check out our current service fees and special deals, dial (978) 202-8360! Our office assistants will be glad to help you as well!


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